Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Monday, February 6, 2017

On this joyous occasion, the school joined the nation in celebrating the 1st birthday of His Royal Highness, the Gyalsey with moenlam, zhabten,errection of lhadar, offering of thousand butterlamps and cultural items. The students also pledged to read alteast one book in a month, keep our school clean throughout the year,follow and uphold the school rules and regulations,and be kind,compassionate, helpful and friendly. 
The celebration ended with refreshements for both students and teachers.
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Hearty Congratulations to our girls. Lungtenzampa MSS is very proud of you two.
Second- Thinley Yidzin Wangden of Lungtenzampa MSS with 91.80
Third    - Karma Yangchen Temzin of Lungtenzampa MSS with 91.40

Thinley Yidzin Wangden

Karma Yangchen Tenzin

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

 Dear students and parents,
 Please refer the school  Stationery List for the Academic Year 2017.
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Friday, May 6, 2016

Grade ten students swamp the Multi Purpose Hall, brimming with curiosity and anticipation of what lay ahead of them. What would it be about? Why had the praiseworthy Minister of Education - whose schedule was far too crammed – had made time for this visit? What would he talk on? Questions and questions filled up each head, all waiting for answers that would be given in due course of time.
The crowd hushed and instantly rose from their seats at the first appearance of the impeccable figure. One of the school prefects, Ms. Tandin Wangmo Das warmly welcomed the Hon’ble Minister with her ever immaculate vocabulary that stunned the audience. A fine articulate orator indeed, fully justifying her capacity as a perfect.
With humorous words and kind smiles, the students were soon captivated by the sheer force of His Excellency’s charisma. They listened along with childlike glee, nodding, laughing and in total agreement to every word he conversed.
"Like all parents, we hope and pray that our children would succeed in life" he says, eyes twinkling with delight from his ever-present grin. The Minister lovingly adds in how he saw each and every one of them as his very own children. The honesty of the statement warmed every heart and soul present in the hall.
The real purpose behind the convention is revealed when he inquires on the consumption of the sweets that were distributed prior to his arrival. He bluntly states that those who did consume it would face problems and have a difficult spouse and vice versa - here the students laughed. According to the Hon’ble Minister, the sweets refer to the ''temptation'' to indulge in unethical activities.
To further supplement his point, a video was played, ''The Marshmallow Experiment'' it stated in bold letters.  In the video, various five year olds were placed in room whereby they were given a single marshmallow. They were then given the choice of either consuming it instantly or to wait for fifteen minutes which would earn them another extra one. In this video clip too, the marshmallow symbolizes "temptation" clearly demonstrating how waiting or refraining from temptation could make you gain milestones or merits .  It serves as a timely reminder to all of us about the state of our minds.
This test proved that those who waited; those who resisted the urge were the ones that succeeded in life. Those who could not resist the temptation and consumed it immediately faced a troublesome future. Why?
According to the Minister, there was a part of the brain that solely focused on advising oneself. The advisory part of the brain plays a crucial part in the everyday life for it would help one to decide on what would be the best option for oneself at that state of time and place. This is why it is important to maintain it in the best possible condition.
"Let's say, you're riding down the hill four-hundred-kilometer-per-hour," says the charming Minister in a lighter tone, "the healthy part of your brain would tell you to stop and thereby you would avoid an accident. However, the unhealthy part would encourage you to go even faster and in doing so, you would risk your life."
He relates how the so called 'chocolate' is but the symbol of temptation.  He mentioned that there are about two-hundred temptations one would face every day, however the best option would be is to steer away from any temptations.
The Minister lightened up the mood by narrating a rather amusing story. During his much younger years, he and his friends were into the idea of finding a significant partner. And so, during their search, they began to take part in unhealthy practices which lead to detrimental addictions. They were very much focused on the foolish goal which would virtually block any logical thinking. He recalls those days with a grim smile but brightens up immediately upon when he recaps on how he had learned to quit.
Six years ago, he discovered the 'secret' which changed his life forever and the secret is available to all of you, he exclaimed! The only difference he emphasized was the words of hopes in instilling the younger generation with values he never could incorporate into his habits as a child.
The ''secret'' as mentioned refers to the urge to fight against ''temptation'' of all sorts, which determines the will to stand against the immoral but very alluring practices and to give a proper second thought every time you encounter such temptations.. "Don't eat the chocolate now," the Minister particularly stressed as a reminder to fight against these attractions.
The Minister had shed light to the darkened portions of the teenage life in an extremely effective manner by illustrating his own experiences. He was able to articulate his thoughts magnificently and connect with the students; truly is a man of high caliber. The underlying message that was conveyed to all of us was, to stay away from all sort of temptation to get involved in unwanted activities; how enticing it might be but should have the strength to stay away from it.
The students that day, left for home with new information to share with their parents and relatives about the humorous tale of their beloved Minister.  How wonderful that day had been for the students of grade ten.

Student reporter

School Media Club
Tensin Chenzo Norbu. 

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Without you, we would have been lost.
Thank you teacher for guiding us, inspiring us
And making us what we are today.

Happy Teachers Day!

Thank you
From LMSS Captains and students