Saturday, April 8, 2017

Spring Unit Test Student s' Timetable

Saturday, April 1, 2017

We would like to thank Honorable Lyonpo Yeshey Dorji for gracing our sports day and making it successful.

Best House of the year, 2017.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Speech given by Miss Thinley Yidzen Wangden, Second Topper of BCSE, 2016 of Lungtenzampa MSS,Thimphu during award ceremony on 10th of March.
A word of gratitude to her parents & teachers and an inspiration for the students!
Most esteemed Principal, Teachers and my dear friends! A pleasant morning to you all. 

First and foremost, I would like to get a hold of this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the school, the Principal, Teachers, my family and friends. Although no words can truly capture the immensity of my gratitude towards them or the enormous amount of help and support they have rendered me. Being able to attend this prestigious school graced by the presence of their Majesties and Their Royal Highnesses was an honor in itself. Now, to be able to stand here and receive this huge honor, I couldn’t ask for more.
The four years I spent here, was so fleeting because of the wonderful moments and memories I made with teachers and my friends. I have always had a sense of belonging to this school, and will continue to do so.

Twenty-four hours in a day, in a typical school day like this, that’s eight hours of school, more or less 8 hours of sleep and around four more hours of getting home, resting, meals and home work. Now, how you choose to spend the remaining of the twenty-four hours, can really determine whether your end results evoke sense of pride and relief or of dissatisfaction. So it’s important to choose wisely as exams and times like this are difficult as it’s a deviation from the usual.
Never miss out the opportunity to concentrate on your teacher’s words. I couldn’t do much revision but for the few that I did, the moments that I had concentrated, laid the framework firmly. Concentration does more help than we feel it does!
What also proved to be of tremendous help was having my teachers, family and friends to turn to whenever in doubt or in need. I think I speak for everyone here when I say that the fact we could not have stood on our own cannot be denied. That’s why, I am ever so grateful to them for it was they who made this possible for me and I’m happy I could do them proud. As this has been an incredible time where every teacher, every friend and every word of faith meant so much, it has all the more substantiated how much of an impact a supportive family, caring teachers and friends who believed in you can make. They make life all the more fruitful and every task as less arduous. All the schools I have been to, all the teachers who guided me, my family who has been ever so supportive and all the friends I have come across, I’m filled with gratitude more than I am with pride.
Thank you and have a wonderful year ahead.

A speech delivered by the literary captain, Jigme Wangmo Tshering of 10 C, during morning assembly, on International Women's Day.
''A woman is the full circle.Within her is the power to create,nurture and transform.''
A heart warming wishes to everyone present here. Respected madam Principal,Vice Principals, teachers and all my dearest schoolmates. Today I am privileged to have got the opportunity to speak on this auspicious and encouraging day of the year. International Women's Day is celebrated every year on 8th of March, recognizing and appreciating women's political, economic and social achievements over the decades. 
Firstly! Let me share a brief history about the International Women's Day. Women's day was first observed officially in 1909 in the United States of America and was officially declared as International Women's Day by the United Nations only in 1977. This is an event which started as a political affair and is now celebrated by gifting flowers, greeting cards and gifts to Women in most regions. International women's day is also an official holiday in several countries like Belarus, Armania, Albania, China, Afghanistan, Russia and Brazil.
Women are the real architechs of society. The origin of a child is mother, a woman.... She shows a man what sharing, caring and loving is all about. Eleanor Roosevelt said, '' A woman is like a tea bag. You can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water''. 
It is really nice to have a special day for women where they are glorified to a point being honoured, awarded and appreciated for all their kindness and sacrifices. But there are still millions of women around the world who are either speechless or are struggling hard to see cure their rights. Some common problems that women face are:
1. In 2013 report by UNESCO found that 31 million girls were not sent to school for education. They are more likely to get married later, survive child birth, raise kids, find work and earn money. 
2. Gender pay gap - women earn only one tenth of the world's income despite working two thirds of the total work hours. 
3.Child marriage - Many people marry their daughters off before 18 years of age and are at risk of complications related to premature child bearing, and more vulnerable to intimate partner violence. 
4. Selective abortion and female infanticide - It is an in - human act of aborting a fetus just because it is a female.
5. Domestic violence - Most women around the world are victims to domestic violence, committed by either the husband or the relative of the victim. 
6. Sexual harassment - in homes, on streets, in public transports, at offices, even on vacations there is no safe place for a woman. In every 10 rape cases, six are of minor girls. Everyday women gets molested, raped,sexually harassed or kidnapped.
Why is it that after so much awareness and acknowledgement of woman's contributions to life, society, family and work, saluting her strength, resilience and sacrifices, she is still considered only second to men and treated like a second rate citizen. It is truly a shameful plight. I have learned that even in schools, girls are judged about their appearance, teased, and insulted about their monthly periods given many names by the boys.
A woman takes the responsibility of a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother. So respect her like your mother, protect her like your daughter and love her like your wife. I am a feminist and I stand with women all over the world. Let us all join our hands together to say ''No towards violence against women.'' 
May all women be free to dream, express, create and live their deepest heart desires. 
Lastly, a shout out to all the great women!
May we know them
May we be them and
May we raise them. 
Thank you and happy women's day!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

We (LzMSS) would like to thank each and every parents for turning up for our 1st PTA Meeting,2017 and making it successful. Your active participation and the presence in the meeting shows a big concern for your children and the school. We look forward to your constant support and cooperation for the well being and happiness of our children.

Friday, March 3, 2017