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Monday, February 9, 2015

Congratulations! You've run the course and passed the exams! There are no secret of success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure. Well done!
Waking up so early to go to school... Going to bed so late... It was worth the tassel! To accomplish great things you must dream as well as act. Memorize this clever quote and ... never, never, never give in!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dear Parents,

As informed to the students if you wish to change your child's school for 2015 academic session kindly inform the concern class teachers by 8th of December 2014 so that the class teacher can keep the TC ready to be given with the results on 18th December 2014.





Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dear Students of Class VII, VIII and IX,

I would like to inform you all that there is a change in time and venue, the final confirmed venue and time for the Audience with His Majesty The 5th Druk Gyalpo for those of you who had submitted your name list to the office. 

Venue: Tendrelthang, Tashichhodzong

Date: 9th December 2014

Reporting Time: 10:00 a.m.

You are requested to bring Plate and Cup along with Kabney and Rachu. Please contact your class teachers if you have any quires. 

 Inconvenience regretted. 



Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Principal and Staff of Lungtenzampa Middle Secondary School would like to wish  all our students a very BEST OF LUCK in your final exam 2014, we pray for your success, and happiness.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dear Students,Teachers and Parents,

Please take time to read this article.


Razors pain you; rivers are damp; acids stain you; and drugs cause cramp. Guns aren't lawful; nooses give; gas smells awful; you might as well live.
Dorothy Parker (1893-1967) U.S. short-story writer and poet.


Very few sensitive people have not felt suicidal at a moment or two in their lives.  This world is filled with incidents and accidents that give tremors to our hearts.  For all of us, there are times when it just seems too much, or we get too tired and fed up, or someone betrays and hurts us to a point of no return.  It is at that exact moment that we must call upon our higher selves in order to get through.  What strength we cannot find within ourselves, we must seek outside of ourselves, such as angels, ancient masters, religion, workshops, therapy, books, films that we feel can feed our spiritual and emotional hunger.
There are many different emotions that stir a sense of deep despair.  Because suicide is so on the rise, we felt that we would be doing an injustice not to give some promising suggestions.   We do not have THE answer but we do care enough to try and share some of the things that have worked for ourselves and others.   However, getting professional help is more often necessary than not necessary, whether that be a counselor, therapist or groups.  Also, today, there are many web sites offering assistance under the title of Suicide.  Reach out and when you do, know that one day, someone may be reaching out to you.
Some of the emotions that can stimulate suicidal feelings

Hopelessness – not seeing anything positive in our future.
Suggested solution: Find our purpose for being here in this world.  Knowing our purpose is knowing our power. There IS a bigger picture, however we must seek it… for only the seeker shall find.

Helplessness – feeling like there is nothing that can be done about something we do not like.
Suggested Solution: Develop an acceptance of things we cannot change yet commit to what we can change. So many things are out of our control, therefore it behooves us to focus on what we CAN control… mainly ourselves.

Fear – fear creates an extremely darkened feeling, a sense of not feeling safe in this world.
Suggested Solution: Examine to see if the fear is a wisdom, as example, maybe we should not go to places that are dangerous or involve ourselves with people who dangerously create problems.   We need to be conscious of surrounding ourselves with people whom we can trust. We need to try endeavors that feed our souls, being very careful not to invoke any kind of soul loss.  Soul loss is a loss of our light.  When we lose our light, darken energies come into our space.

Bullying – feeling intimidated, tyrannized, creates extreme fear.
Suggested Solution: Do not let it go.  Go to the web site, – there are a lot of people available to help. Get the assistance you need to stop it as quickly as possible. If we are in a situation that is too difficult for us to handle and we feel frightened, we must find someone who can help us. We were never meant to make it alone, there is ALWAYS someone, somewhere who can help.  Do not give up trying to find that person. Angels are always watching but must be asked in order to be able to intervene.

Loss of Inspiration – emptiness and feeling void of creativity.
Suggested Solution: Never watch violence on TV or in movies, look for mentors who are inspiring, listen to good music, eat fabulous tasting food that was cooked with love, read articles and books that reinforce positivity,  go to the Good News Network (, find people who are inspiring, do something we have never done before, such as painting, changing our room around, baking, cooking, trying a sport we never tried, go to a place we have never been.

Lack of Faith – not believing in a power higher than ourselves.
Suggested Solution: Find a group that believes, find a mentor who can connect us to something higher than ourselves, spend time with animals, walk in nature and really look at what has been so beautifully created, deliberately look for beauty, in art, in films, in stores, in nature, in magazines.

Feeling Unloved and Unlovable - which leads to loneliness and isolation. 
Suggested Solution: More and more we are realizing that loving ourselves is the most important aspect of being able to lead a successful life.  With the pace of our world, technology, internet, and over exposure to stimuli, by and large people are not taking care of their loved ones as they use to.  So learning to care for ourselves ensures stability in our emotional being, our spirit and our lives.
We need to be conscious of our self-talk, saying only positive things about ourselves to ourselves.
We need to be conscious of our mind chatter, thinking only positive things about ourselves to ourselves.
We must concentrate and focus on things we like about ourselves.
We must be honest about the things we do not like about ourselves and commit to transforming them.
Acts of kindness always help our self-esteem; they are a protection against a feeling of unworthiness.
Look for people who we feel love others well and bring them into our personal life.
Constantly learn to love others well, whether that be a person, an animal or the environment.

Depression - a feeling of “nothing seems to be worth anything - why bother,” which usually comes from unexpressed and unresolved pent-up anger.
Suggested Solution:
One sure way of getting out of depression, is everyday make a commitment to do five acts of goodness for someone or something.
Look to those less fortunate and do something about it.  Being of service automatically sparks a new productivity.
Try to source our unresolved feelings and look for a good listener.
Invoke and know that to every problem – there is a solution.
Find guidance from others that we respect.
Go to a happy movie.
Play joyful music.
Read positive stories.
Find a group that we feel we have something in common with.
Save an animal.
Wear clothes we love.

“Is this all there is?” attitude – this can lead to believing that it is better on the other side.  
Suggested Solution: Life is what we make of it.  Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them.  The original Divine plan is that we are supposed to be living Heaven on Earth. This planet and our lives are a garden….but gardens need constant tending, look for things that will make us happy, that will make us smile, that will make us sing, look for people who we admire and try to incorporate something into ourselves that we respect in them.  Read biographies on people who have accomplished their dreams.

Positive Suggestions
Wear the colors that we resonate with.
Eat good healthy food.
Stay away from all substance, drugs, alcohol, anti-depressants (unless medically advised).
Walk in nature.
Set a stage of serenity – water fountains, candles, soft music, or incense.
Place beautiful pictures where we live and work that connect us to our soul.
Be cognizant of being tidy and clean.
Go to the ocean or a lake… any body of water that is near.
Watch only films and TV that are inspiring and loving.
Stay away from newspapers and news on TV.
Find channels of communication that are awe inspiring.
Always be on the lookout for people who are loving and enthusiastic.
Use cards or other divination tools that give positive messages and listen to them.
Collect pictures of things we love or dreams we have and do a collage… it works!
Read things that are uplifting.
Go to the Good News Network where they report on positive news and stories daily.

Power Points
Suicidal feelings can be overcome when one is in their power.  Here are some suggestions:
Personal power is....
when one responds, not reacts.
when ones internal feelings are matched with an external action.
when one has humility and humbleness.
when one knows it is a prosperity in itself.
when one does not need to be right.
when one sees mistakes as opportunities for growth.
when one has a certainty, no matter what others think.
when one has perseverance.
when one knows oneself.
when one understands differences.
when one cares and shares.
when one is flexible.
when one has self-reflection.
when one wants others to succeed.
when one funds cooperation not competition.
when one puts dreams into action.
when one constantly envisions a better way.
when one watches out for those less fortunate.
when one thrives in team.
when one helps those not in their power.
when one has detachment.
when one is ego free.
when one connects to something bigger than themselves.
when one has a respect for all living things.
when one has a sensitivity to the elderly.
when one has integrity and impeccability.
when one pays attention to details.
when one has a belief in miracles.
when one constantly searches for mentors.
when one is truthful and honest.
when one is mindful of injustice.
when one is not attached to popularity.
when one has listening and learning skills.
when one stays strong no matter their bank account.
when one communicates well.
when one has conflict resolution skills.
when one has an awareness of their environment.
when one has problem solving intelligence.
when one finds hope amongst hopelessness.
when one loves, loves, loves, loves and loves.

40 Suicide Prevention Wisdoms
1. Empowerment is birthed from emotional intelligence.
2. We have much more to learn...we have more to unlearn.
3. If we are out of touch with ourselves - we cannot touch another.
4. Any character defect we recognize is already half corrected.
5. Our mistakes are our greatest opportunities for growth.
6.It’s ALL personal...but don’t take it personally.
7. Popularity is not always the best thing.
8. We must move away from inferior elements because they make us feel inferior.
9. When we are down - we should go to a happy movie.
10. It is important to find people who feel better than we do.
11. Drugs can kill.
12. Grieving for someone who has died creates an opening for our own potential.
13. If we trust, we won’t be depressed - if we’re depressed, we are not trusting.
14. It is good to love for the sake of loving, not being loved.
15. It is imperative to fight darkened thoughts with strength and optimism.
16. Though life can only be understood backwards it must be lived forward.
17. Happiness can only be obtained if we do not have attachments.
18. Success is found through determination and lost through confusion.
19. Endings are also beginnings.
20. Without love, life echoes emptiness, therefore love whenever we can.
21. Contentment comes from accepting life on life’s terms.
22. There is nothing worse than an unfinished life.
23. The simple things are the most profound.
24. Animals are the closest thing to the heavenly plan for humans.
25. Too much of anything is truly too much of everything.
26. When someone leaves us, it usually means somebody better is coming.
27. Success can only be achieved through failure.
28. Though we must use our heads, the best decisions come through our heart.
29. Obstacles are overcome by understanding the reasons behind them.
30. It is best to use judgement without judging.
31. People will love us the way we love ourselves.
32. We will love ourselves more by loving others.
33. Without truth nothing can grow and thrive.
34. Hope will keep us going when everything else fails.
35. We are important - no matter what we think.
36. Darkness can only materialize if we let it.
37. Peace of mind comes when we know the only thing we can control is ourselves.
38. Fear can create trouble, yet it can be the thing that will keep us out of trouble.
39. Anger can be used for great change, when used properly and intelligently.
40. The urgency of believing in miracles when things feel the most miserable.

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